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What is Gabapentin
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What is Gabapentin
It is very important to know your medicine before taking it. Let's learn about Gabapentin, the very popular and widely prescribed opiate used for treating pain related disorders. Gabapentin tablets work like narcotic analgesics but are not actually narcotics. The medicine targets brain and prevents the sensation of pain. The medicine is used for curing pain. It is considered as one of the best medicines for providing complete and round-the-clock relief from pain. It is a pain killer which has the ability to treat many kinds of pain in the human body as well as in animals like dogs and cats.
Gabapentin comes under many doses like Gabapentin 50mg, Gabapentin 100mg, Gabapentin 150mg, and Gabapentin 200mg. But the most prescribed doses are Gabapentin 50mg and Gabapentin 100mg. The dosage for people vary according to their age. It should not be given to children below 12 years. Patients above 75 years in age should be given very low doses of Gabapentin in the beginning which may or may not be increased later on depending upon the requirements.
The medicine also has some side effects like blurred sight, vomiting, slow heart beats, nausea, less and infrequent urination, presence of blood in urine, very dark or black colored urine, whooping cough, disabled walking or movement of any limb. chills and fever. Gabapentin should not be taken along with alcohol. Also, heavy doses without prescription are a strict NO as it can cause life threatening effects.
Gabapentin was a commonly available drug earlier. No prescription was required for its purchase. But due to the increased non- medical use of Gabapentin for addiction and abuse, US declared it as a controlled drug. Gabapentin should not be purchased illegally. Various online medical websites sell Gabapentin medicines at cheap and affordable costs. However before purchasing medicines online one should make sure that the website is a professional medical practitioner who can give advice and a valid online prescription for Gabapentin.
Gabapentin is a safe drug. It has had positive results and given relief to many people around the globe. An effective medicine, Gabapentin, is the best option for the treatment of pain. It provides a lot of relief with a very few and usually no side effects.


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