How to Beat an Addiction to Gabapentin
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How to Beat an Addiction to Gabapentin

If you or anyone you know is suffering from Gabapentin addiction, this article will be very helpful for you. Gabapentin is considered a safe drug, however, its addiction is possible and is dangerous too. It has the properties of both, an opiate and a non-opiate drug. Doctors, all over the world, believe in this drug for its lower chances of abuse and addiction. Nevertheless, its addiction issues are often reported, especially when it is used carelessly.

If you feel that you have got addicted to Gabapentin, it is necessary to seek treatment as soon as possible. However, the first thing is that you should be completely sure that you are addicted and it's not just a vague idea. Gabapentin addiction affects both, the physical and the psychological condition of the sufferer. To make sure that you are addicted to Gabapentin and not just have developed a dependency on the drug, you have to look for the following points-

  1. Have you been increasing your doses frequently without the doctor's advice?

  2. Do you feel that you need Gabapentin for the normal functioning of your body?

  3. You are aware of the negative aspects of the drug and you still use it at an alarming rate?

  4. Do you feel incomplete without Gabapentin?

  5. Have you been thinking about Gabapentin obsessively?

You have to understand that Gabapentin addiction (alone) is very rare. Most of the times, people are addicted to more than just Gabapentin, for example, people are addicted to alcohol or other drugs along with Gabapentin.

Now, when you are sure that what you suffer from is clearly addiction, you need to take gradual steps. Many pharmacological, behavioral, and spiritual therapies are available to cure the problem of addiction. However, the most important part of the treatment is entirely in your own hands, and, i.e., will power and a strong determination.

There are various medicines which are given to the patient to cure the problem of Gabapentin addiction. The doses are not stopped at once but are gradually reduced until stopped. There are many detox clinics and support centers where you can go and get relief from addiction forever. You need to be spiritually active as well. Meditation and belief in the righteousness are very important during the course of the treatment.

Gabapentin is a fabulous drug, but it comes with its limit. If you cross its limit, you will land up in life-risking situations, therefore, as it is said- "Prevention is better than cure", you should take care of yourself and live a healthy and positive life. Moreover, if you get stuck in some painful situations, you should seek help immediately and get rid of the problem.


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