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Gabapentin is not a Narcotic
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Gabapentin is not a Narcotic

Whether Gabapentin is a narcotic or not? This question has been put up by millions of people, time and again. Some believe that since the drug works exactly the way a narcotic does, it is a narcotic as well. The others find Gabapentin safer and different than the latter. However, the truth is that the pain relieving drug is quite similar to narcotics but is not one. It is not classified under the category of narcotic analgesic by either the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The former classifications were done under the Controlled Substances Act of the year 1970. Since then, several changes, additions, and subtractions have been made in the various categories by the FDA and the DEA. However, Gabapentin has never been included in the list of narcotics before or in the present. So, we can say that Gabapentin, unquestionably, does not belong to the narcotics. On the contrary, the drug is classified under the class of drugs known as opiate agonists.

The lowest dose of the drug is Gabapentin 50 mg. Along with Gabapentin 100 mg, Gabapentin 50 mg is also acknowledged as being the most widely sold dosage of the medicine. The brands that sell Gabapentin are Ultram and Ultram. Both of these brands are popular among the doctors, who prescribe them to patients for treating pain.

Most people are confused by the terms ‘like narcotic’ and ‘similar to narcotic’. It becomes difficult to understand whether Gabapentin and narcotics are two different things or the same. You should know that the drug works in the same way as the narcotics; however, the structural formula of the medicine is very different from the latter. So, we can say that Gabapentin has the goodness of a narcotic but it lacks the negative aspect of one.


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