Certain Tips and Facts about Gabapentin
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Certain Tips and Facts about Gabapentin
Calling Gabapentin a 'magic potion' won't be wrong as it has done wonders to the patients. Gabapentin is used to treat pain related problems in people. Those who have used it know how good it is. Anyway, there are certain facts that should be known to the people who are about, to begin with, Gabapentin.
1. Gabapentin, Ultram, and Ultracet is the same thing: Many times, we see people getting confused between these three names, however, let us inform you that Gabapentin is a drug name and, Ultram and Ultracet are the brand names under which the drug is sold. So, you may get Ultram instead of Ultracet but that's okay. It's the same.
2. Gabapentin is not a Mainstream Opiate: Gabapentin differs from other opioids for two certain reasons-
Gabapentin is a synthetic drug. It does not come from nature like codeine or morphine which is the derivate of opium poppy. Gabapentin is completely man-made. It is fully synthetic; unlike hydrocodone which is semi-synthetic (has natural qualities but is made in the lab).
Gabapentin has a dual-acting process. It has two neurotransmitters known as serotonin and norepinephrine, which regulate sleep and mood, and enhance concentration, respectively. This is a non-labelled use of Gabapentin.
3. Gabapentin is abusable: Gabapentin is regarded as a safe drug because of its low potential for abuse. However, over the years, U.S. has been facing multiple cases of Gabapentin abuse and addiction so it has to classify as a controlled drug. The abuse of Gabapentin shows the following results:
Feeling of elation
Feeling tired and lethargic
Feeling euphoric
Feeling peaceful and relaxed.
Mind you, these effects appear to be so good and enjoyable but the impact of Gabapentin abuse is hazardous, even life-threatening.
4. Using Gabapentin: Gabapentin is a prescription drug; therefore, you should always take it according to the doctor's advice. Certain minor but important things that you should keep in mind are:
Take this drug orally only.
It should be taken every 4 to 6 hours for pain relief unless prescribed by your doctors otherwise.
If you feel nauseatic, you may take Gabapentin with your food.
Begin Gabapentin course with lower doses in the beginning and increase them gradually. Also, end the course in a decreasing dosage manner.
Stop the medicine as and when you are asked to.
Gabapentin may not go well with many other drugs, therefore, inform your doctor beforehand if you are taking any other medicine too.
Keep in mind the following things and you will heal in no time.


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